Bart Allmand headshot

Hey, I’m Bart Allmand. I’ve been lucky to have had two careers in the music business. I spent about 15 yrs doing record promotion for some major record companies, like RCA and SONY, working with artists like Clint Black, Dixie Chicks and Florida Georgia Line.

What is record promotion? Well, it is basically trying to get records played on the radio. I spent a couple hundred days a year on the road with and without artists visiting radio stations, putting together meet and greets and making friends. These years taught me a lot about record companies, radio stations & people.

We all joke that you haven’t really been in the music business if you haven’t been fired. Well, believe me, I’ve been in the music business…

After “leaving” Monument Records (my favorite job ever) I decided I need a change. Well former Monument (Sony) artist/songwriter, Jeffrey Steele came to my rescue. We had spent almost 2 years on the road working his record, which country radio stupidly missed…but the whole time we were out there he continually told me that he’d never seen anyone who loved playing and just loving music as much as me and if I ever got fired he’d love to sign me to a publishing deal….well…..guess what happened?! So I started writing and write I did.

I’ve written about 1000 songs so far, I’ve had about 50 cuts, 2 number 1’s and Brooks and Dunn won a Grammy with my song “You Can’t Take The Honky Tonk Out Of The Girl.”

My wife, Amy, has always wanted me to write a book about all my time on the road and such. Well I don’t wanna do it. No, I’m only good at remembering things whenever they pop into my head. So, she said I should do a podcast, invite my friends from all walks of my musical life and record it.

So, I agreed and here we are. I hope you enjoy hearing some of these stories and laugh as much as I have living these stories and knowing these folks. They’ve made my life wonderful.