An inside look into record promotion with Nashville Record Executive, Bob Reeves

Dive deep into behind-the-scenes of radio and record promotion. In this episode of Thinkin’ & Drinkin’, Bart talks with longtime record promotion executive Bob Reeves. Bob talks about how he got to where he is now. Starting in a record store, living through the oil boom in Houston, lying his way into a Production Director job in radio to record promotion working with some of the big names in the country music scene.


Meet Bob Reeves:

Bob Reeves has done it all in the music business. Starting at a record store as a clerk in his teens working his way through radio and record promotion. Currently, Bob serves as Senior VP of Promotion, overseeing promotion for both Reviver Records and 1608 Promotion. Reeves came to Reviver after a long line of success in the industry, six years at Warner Music Nashville, as well as a stint at Blaster Records.

What Bart has to say:

Bob Reeves is a longtime record promotion exec, best friend and punk rock aficionado.  I met Bob while working at Monument Records, breaking the Dixie Chicks. He later went on to work at Warner Brothers and he helped with propelling Blake Shelton to his current career status.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Bob got into radio, then record promotion and what it was like to run the legendary (but now gone) Ace of Clubs club in Nashville in the 1990s.

  • What it is like to work with artists like the Dixie Chicks and Blake Shelton.  

Bob Reeves, having a strong interest in music from a young age, started working in a record store which led him to Houston, Texas during the oil boom. This is what eventually led to his start in the music industry and into record promotion. Ready to leave Houston and head back to upstate New York Bob was able to land an Assistant Program Director job at a radio station by recommendation of a friend. In the episode Bob tells some stories of what it was like locking himself in the studio while learning the back end of radio. Always knowing that he wanted to work in the record business he made a move to Nashville Tennessee. After meeting a few people in the music industry and doing a few jobs here and there to make rent Bob started working for JD Haas and met Mike Borchetta who really took to him and let him know that he could really be something in this business. Some other things happened that led him in a different direction for a few years where he, along with some partners, opened the Ace of Clubs club in Nashville. They went on to open two more, one in Knoxville and one in Santa Fe. Bart and Bob talk about some of the stories Bob has from his club owning days. After about five years or so Bob moved on from the club owning business and got back into the country music business. Having met many people during his time in Nashville, including Garth Brooks, he began working at Sony. Which led to Bart and Bob meeting each other. Bob tells the story of how he met Bart and began working with Monument while breaking the Dixie Chicks. Bob goes on to work with Miranda Lambert and Gretchen Wilson. After a few regime changes Bob decides to move on from Sony taking some time off to be with his mom who was sick. Bob and a friend started a marketing company and got back into a little bit of management with a rock band. Next thing he knows he is back working in promotion working at an Indie label eventually working with Emerson Drive. Bob eventually ends up on Warner Brothers where he has a huge success with Blake Shelton, Hunter Hayes, JaneDear Girls, Brett Eldridge, Big & Rich, Music Mafia, & James Otto. Having been around for a while and seeing a thing or two Bart and Bob talk about how the music industry has changed. Is radio still the driving force in record promotion? Tune in to hear Bob’s thoughts on where the industry has been, where it is now and where it is going. Bob also speaks to the roll of a record label in 2019. The industry is changing and Bob has excellent knowledge and insight. Being on the promotion side of the business instead of the singer/songwriter side Bob talks to how they look at the industry in a different way. During this episode of Thinkin’ & Drinkin’ Bart and Bob have a great conversation about the promotion side of the music industry giving incredible insight to the behind-the-scenes of radio and records. If you have enjoyed this episode give us a follow on social media and leave a review on iTunes. Your support of our show means the world.

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