Jeffrey Steele, Airplanes & Grape Nehi

In 2002 or 2003 I was working at Monument Records and I got introduced to our new artist, Jeffrey Steele. I didn’t know who he was but we immediately hit it off and we’re laughing and having a great time.

Anyway, he had recorded a record and hit the road. We used to do things called Promo Tours, where we went to a couple hundred radio stations playing the same 3 songs a couple hundred times. It was planes, trains and automobiles to say the least.

We laughed so much that we would have to go to separate ends of our bus because we both had sore throats. Well, planes were the worst and the best. We would sit across the aisle and wait for the drink cart. The flight attendant would politely ask “would you like something to drink?” I would say, Grape Nehi? “We don’t have that sir.” Diet Mountain Dew? “We don’t have that sir.” Shasta Root Beer? “We don’t have that sir.” This went on until I could hear Jeff laughing on the other side then I’d cut loose. I would play, crying like a little baby. As loud as I could.

Soon enough people were spinning their heads around and staring then laughing. I just love how kids cry like it’s the end of the world, so I did it too! I’ve had more fun with that guy and probably written 30-40 songs with him. Thanks Jeffrey…

Bart & Jeff-1.jpg